flying high

Flight comparison sites abound these days, and they are jolly useful for comparing and finding flights. My favourite has to be, but the other day I decided to try, one we have used once before and is well known here in Germany. The flight I picked was a BA flight to Heathrow from Frankfurt, for 3 people. The BA site was having issues, so I decided to carry on and book via as the price is the same.
Only it isn´t. From a starting price the same, all these add-ons came along, cancellation insurance at 19€ per person – highly recommended, travel insurance at a similar cost. I did not think I chose much or anything extra, but somehow things kept adding up. Then at the end, just as I was about to pay, they slapped on a service fee out of nowhere, that was impossible to get rid of. So now my flight that should have been around 500€ for the 3 of us, was suddenly at 735€!
I abandoned the booking quickly. Fortunately the BA site was now working again, and so I could book the same flight, for a hand luggage only rate – that is new, well done BA – which saved €20 per person on top. At the end, no extras at all, but still the ability to change my ticket if I want for €50 plus difference in fare, I got those same 3 tickets for 501€.
Hmm, I for one will not be using again.
Interestingly my husband found the following youtube video today, which is in German, but highlights the hidden costs of booking via comparison sites.