Fair society

Mahatma Gandhi once said, “The best test of a civilized society is the way in which it treats its most vulnerable and weakest members”.

on the news tonight there was a report about a 40% increase in the number of child sexual abuse cases in the UK, along with a report on how the social services seem to be failing so many.
In addition there was a report on the effect of the cuts in spending on the weak and vunerable members of British society who are left to fend for themselves in order to cut costs.
Politicians stir up public feeling against people drawing benefits, giving the impression that most are spongers and not in need of help.
Food banks and baby banks are seeing unprecedented growth in the number of users.
Guardian article on the effects of benefit cuts on young families:
I guess it is good they exist, ironically, as it shows that society is responding to the needs, or some of it is in any case, so maybe all is not lost.
I also read in the Guardian that Mr Cameron does not agree with the European court of human rights ruling that prisioners should have the right to vote. I wonder why he does not agree. Why get worked up about that when there are so many more important issues to tackle? Does he think that most prisioners are labour voters in any case?
Mr Gandhi not only gave the guote at the top of this article, but I believe he also is behind the quote about a measure of a society is how it treats its prisioners ( as well as animals).
I think only on animals does it seem to be that Britain is getting it right.

Sitting over here in Germany, a country also with its problems and poverty, I am increasingly saddened when i look back at the old country, which once had a proud social welfare structure and a great health service. Something seems to have gone totally wrong. The money all flows to the top, to bail out bankers and pay big bonuses. The haves have more, the don´t haves have less and less. Not a very fair society at all.