Gluten free breakfast muffins

IMG_20131223_214737it s funny really.Today I was at work all day, like every other week day, but because I have tomorrow off, I decided tonight to bake some breakfast muffins for tomorrow. There is really no reason why I could not do that even when working the next day.

Anyway I have always been a improvising sort of cook, as our store cupboard never has all that is required to follow a recipe, so tonight was no different. Here is the recipe I finally put together

200g or so of Oats ground down to make a flour consistency

30g of rice flour because I had it in the cupboard and i thought it might help hold the mixture together.

packet of vanilla sugar and baking soda /7g packets) plus some brown sugar – just as much as you like, but don´t get too carried away.

Then I added ground nuts, whatever were in the cupboard, about 50g or so.

Mix all the dry ingredients together.

Then in another small bowl beat 2 eggs plus 1 egg yolk together and add a few tablespoons of natural or greek yogurt plus some honey. Then you need some fruit juice. I had a lemon with no zest in the fridge so squeezed that in, but you could use apple juice instead.

combine the wet ingredients with the dry and tip in some grated apple and or mashed banana. I had no bananas so it was just apple this time. Instead i threw in some raisins for added sweetness and mixed it all up to get an interesting consistency, slightly frothy actually.

so then spoon into the paper cases, I got 18 out of this mixture, and put in the preheated oven for around 30 mins on 180 – 200 degs c

Then cool on a wire rack to have healthy breakfast muffins the next day.

I just tried one, and they are yummy. Maybe a bit of salt would have helped – just a pinch.

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