I was lucky enough to be in the UK at the weekend and picked up a couple of my favourite magazines. One of them was Psychologies which of course at this time of year is focusing on the new year, change and growth. It sort of links to my last post about living with intention. As part of the 20 page flourish special in the magazine there is a 12 point action plan, one point per month to get us through the year.

So January is entitled Flourish at home and suggested 3 things:

1. Declutter for 10 minutes a day, and schedule in a 15 to 30 minute slot per week to clear paperwork. – Good idea. I am in to decluttering. I want to move later this year, to somewhere smaller, and to do that it would be nice to have less stuff to move with me. It is not just having less stuff though, it gives a great feeling of space and freedom to declutter a bit each day. Today my decluttering consisted of unpacking my suitcase from the weekend and putting everything away, as well as vacuuming everywhere when I got in from work. It was strangely energising.

2. Put aside money to enhance the space where you spend most time. Clearly I will like this idea, as I love enhancing my space. I already plan to paint a wall in the living room – even if i am moving later this year. However I will not be spending too much money, as one of the things I am trying to do this year is to spend more wisely.

3. Use colour to lift your mood. – even something as simple as a colourful bunch of flowers. I went through a phase of getting flowers for the office, which thinking about it, is probably the space where I spend the most time. So maybe i should restart taking flowers to work.

In February I will post on the 3 tips for that month and let you know how I got on with the January tips.

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