Rizzi Art

I discovered some new art today, which I really like. It is bright and cheerful. I was at a hotel where they had all this art on display. It is in the style of American Artist James Rizzi who was born in 1950 in New York. He has masses of paintings, which sell for a lot of money.

The art on display, and for sale in this particular hotel was from another German artist who paints in his style. It was very affordable. I liked it

Below are 2 pictures; one I took in the hotel lobby which costs €109, and one which is by James Rizzi himself, limited edition print, priced at $8800

okay, the one in the lobby is a bit out of focus – thanks to my crappy phone, but you get the idea. It is an amazing likeness, and also in 3D.

I am even thinking about commissioning one with a British or Swiss theme to hang on our walls.

american art 2



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