Flourishing in February

remember my last post about flourishing? Well now is February and as promised I can give you the tips for this month and reflect on how January went.

January was about decluttering and enhancing my space and using colour. So I have been very good at decluttering, doing a little bit every week. Yesterday I had a trip to Ikea –  which is somewhere I always like to visit, and picked up some DVD boxes to sort out our DVD collection. The Dvd´s were all on a shelf with no order at all. Now I have 3 boxes and main categories, girls night in, guys night in and family night in. The boxes only contain 18 dvd´s each, so all the rest had to be piled on top of the relevant box – but hey, it is a system 🙂

I had tried to get rid of some dvd´s, and ideally I would love to have everything available digitally, but anyway what I found was that these online sites that offer to buy DVD´s pay next to nothing, so it is just not worth it.

I started taking flowers to the office again too, which is also something I will carry on doing. The wall has not been painted yet, but I am working on it ; )

so February is all about energy


1. Devote the next month to finding your ideal exercise.  – so try lots of exercises and see what gives you the most energy. I already go to the gym and yoga, and they always give me energy, so I reckon I do not have too much to do there.

2. List energising activities to do and places to visit when feeling low.  Hmm, good one. Riding my bike through the woods always gives me energy, or even just a walk in the woods. Actually I need to do that more. I was reading about the danger of not enough vitamin D in the winter months. That vitamin is also responsible for our mood, as well as nice strong bones.

3. scribble and doodle. Apparently the silliness of this as well as the cheery images we draw cheer us up.  Sounds good to me.

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    • ah well, following our passion gives us energy, so if your passion is writing, then that is a great way to gain more energy than you expend. And then with all that extra energy, you can go for a run 😉


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