being the difference

Ghandi once said ” be the change you want to see in the world”

Because it all starts with us. We can make a difference through our actions and our words. We can make a difference to that guy who is sleeping rough by giving him a bit of change when we walk by.

We can make a difference to the people we meet each day, by being polite and giving a smile.

It does not have to be the big things. We do not have to join the marches, or scale the buildings, or be on the Greenpeace ship to still change something. It takes us all doing what we can, when we can, and consistently. We need to be aware that what we do has an effect, big or small, on what is happening in the world. So if there is something we want to be able to change then we should take that first step.

Today I signed a petition against this terrible new law in Afghanistan, and another against the slaughter of stray dogs in Sochi. Signing an online petition is easy you might say, but not signing is even easier, switching the channel and opening another packet of chips is much easier. To sign a petition is adding my voice to those of so many others to make us heard, to send a ripple that can lead to a change. Taking action is making a decision and carrying it through.

And also what I did today was to pledge a small amount of money to help make a difference to Orangutans in Borneo. I mean how cool is that? This is a chance for us all to help preserve an area of land where they can live in safety. I can make a difference, thousands of miles away, through a little bit of action on my side. This has to be one of the great benefits of modern technology.

You can help too. Avaaz is raising pledges to use to buy a corridor of land connection two breeding areas.




check it out by clicking on the picture

or you can also donate directly under this link: