being creative

It is not that I am necessarily looking for a new job at present, but I always find that it helps to be prepared and so I like to keep my CV up to date.

At one time I was trying to have a German one and an English one at the same time, but I gave that up a long time ago.

Anyway this morning i happened to read an article on a business networking site about the importance of a good CV and how to make it more creative.

I had no idea just how creative some people are with their CV´s. Admittedly it is mainly the designer types – graphic designers in particular are demonstrating their talents with a well crafted CV. But also web designers and artists need to produce more than a plain piece of A4.

Check out pinterest or google to see what I mean – it is incredible, with tag clouds, infographics, timelines, multiple graphics, colour, drawings, the lot.

Actually I feel sorry for the graphic designers as they have to do a cool CV, and it is like a competition out there to see how creative one can be.

But back to me, as this is my blog; normally if you put creative and accountancy in the same sentence, people start getting concerned, but I reckon in this case even accountants can add some design and flair to their CV.

I am not sure if the Germans are ready for this, but we will see. So today I made some tag clouds – free on line, using words I selected, and weighting them how I wanted. One for all that I have done, one for my IT skills and one for the accountancy standards I know. I combined them on a cover sheet with a picture of me in a soft circle, and the clouds below giving a one page overview of what I am offering. I then used the Word built in page backgrounds to add colour and texture, and neatened up the rest.

I am pretty pleased with it. It does run to 8 sides, but in actual fact the important stuff is probably on that cover sheet and maybe 1 page of the CV. The rest is detail.

So when and if the next headhunter comes knocking, I am ready to test my new CV on him. It for sure can not be ignored.