at the top of the world

well maybe not quite, but I am on the 24th floor of one of my favourite hotels in the world, (so far). It is the Crown Plaza just outside Copenhagen. I love this hotel. It is modern and cool, and the staff are really friendly. There is public transport outside the door, free wifi, and free airport shuttle ( athough you do have to know what you are doing to get it from the airport). I even got a free towelling robe to use, but I suspect that is because I am on the 24th floor – some sort of upgrade going on.

It is not in the city, but the metro will take you there in 15 minutes, and it is so peaceful staying outside the city, and the hotel is on the right side for the office as well as the airport. Yes this week is a business trip, but nevertheless, it will be totally enjoyable.

Here are a few photos from my room in the clouds with some of the things I really appreciate about this hotel:


The beds are big and comfy, with a choice of pillows. I will sleep like a queen tonight.


Not only is the WIFI free, as it should be in every decent hotel in my view, but they also provide free water, teas, chocolate and biscuits, as well as a fully stocked mini bar. They also knew my name when I arrived and had all the paperwork prepared, which makes a big change to some hotels where it seems a total surprise when I turn up, even though i reserved 😉


There is lots of hanging and shelf space, the light goes on in the closet when I open the door, and there is an iron and ironing board – brilliant, and hanging it in the closet is a great tip for at home if there is no cupboard to keep it in.


The bathroom although small, uses every inch of space. As we are currently looking at a very small apartment project for my daughter, I am interested in every tip I can get for making the best of the space. I had been thinking of a single glass wall to split the shower, instead of a cubicle, but a tiled wall works justas well:


This is also an enviromentally aware hotel, and one of the new features is that one can elect to forego cleaning on a room if staying more than 2 days, and as a reward receive a DKK 75 voucher for use in hotel. That is about €10.
Not bad, and so I have already elected not to have my room cleaned tomorrow. I think this is a great idea, as rooms really do not need the maid to come in every day.

so I am here until Friday and tomorrow will try out the bus again. Last year when I was here I tried out the bus, and it did not go so well. Tomorrow hopefully will be better.
Good night all.

Short update at the end of Monday – didn´t get the bus to work, due to getting up too late, so had to take a cab. However I did take it back which worked out well considering it was very cold waiting for it, and the driver spoke no english.
Just been to the fitness centre – and that is a bit of a disappointment. Too many machines in too small a space. I was hoping for a work out each day, but I guess one should never expect too much from hotel gyms 😉


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