relaxing in the hotel bar

relaxing in the hotel bar

This evening I hit the shopping mall next door again. It is a super shopping Mall, with some nice designer shops. And of course I love scandinavian design. I resisted spending, but mainly as my case is anyway full, so no space, plus I am trying to spend wisely this year.
But I have to tell you about 2 stores I found. One is Bolia ( check it out on It is a interiors store, so of course I would love it. The designs are very cutting edge, but practical. I think my oldest will love them. I picked up their ideabook ( they do not use the word catalogue). They even have stores in Germany, but nowhere near us. And I mean nowhere near. The closest is at least 2 hours drive – on a quiet day with no traffic. Currently they have a 20% sale – if only……

The other store was a fish and feet spa. This is totally new to me, although I have heard something about fish that nibble the dead skin off feet. I was half tempted, but I am very ticklish on the feet, and now I have googled it, it is perhaps good I did not go for it.
That said, I still have 3 more days here, so never say never šŸ™‚
Anybody out there tried it?


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