Being gay

Is it me, or is Homosexuality more of an issue these days? All I seem to hear is about countries bringing in new laws aimed at criminalising homesexuality. Petitions and protests abound. I just do not get it

Criminalising sexuality is never going to work, it makes no sense whatsoever to me. If you are gay, you are gay. If you are straight you are straight, and if you lke both, fine, then you are bi. Why is it such a big deal to certain leaders and governments?

Putin does not even have religion on his side, why should he care if some people prefer their own gender? How does this affect him or anybody else? In Uganda they have brought in terrible new laws to penalise homosexual acts. Again, why? Do they not have enough problems? They should tackle the problems of rape and sex abuse before targeting consenting adults. Google it, they have enough issues.

For me, sexuality is part of a person, it is an integral part of who we are. If it does not hurt anybody else, why should it be a crime?
Trying to outlaw things that are integral to us, like faith or sexuality, is not going to work. It might drive it underground, but it will not turn a person away from what is being outlawed. We have enough laws and rules. Lawmakers should stick to laws that protect the ones who need protecting, and make those laws work before they introduce new ones that target specific minority groups who are not hurting anyone else.

so, that is me done, I will get off my soapbox now 😉