Flourishing in March

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snowdrops and ducks

snowdrops and ducks

following on from flourishing in Jan and Feb posts, here are the top tips for March. Feb was about finding more energy, and I must admit that I have not found a new form of exercise – not yet anyway. March is about emotional energy. Realise what is sapping your emotional energies, and what is boosting it.
Sapping your emotional energy could be dealing with difficult people or situations, whereas boosting it is looking forward to fun events or seeing somebody you love or care about a deal, spending time with friends, and having some successes in your day to day life.

It is suggested to keep an thought diary this month to identify the sapping and boosting situations. Personally I know what saps my emotional energy, I can recognise the situation when I am in it, or even thinking about certain situations or people can sap my energy.
Ideally we should try and avoid these thought patterns, and I think this is especially true where we cannot influence the person or situation. It is no good letting something get us down that we cannot do anything about. It does not help anybody.

If we can influence the situation then clearly we should try to, which of course can be easier said than done. It may mean striking some people off our facebook list, or friends list, or it may mean making some decisions that are difficult or long reaching – changing the job for example, ending a relationship, disciplining a staff member, or having a difficult conversation. But if we do not tackle it, then it will remain as a drain on our energy, even if we do not realise it.

so this month is about boosting the emotional energy with good things, and reducing the amount of energy we lose on the draining stuff.

At least the sun is shining more these days, Spring is definitely on the way, and that is a boost in itself. 🙂