and then there were 3

or there will be at some point in this year. For I can let you all into a secret now. I am buying an apartment.
There, it is out there now. We are buying an apartment here in Germany for my eldest to live in during her studies. Rents are high, and interest rates are low. We have some spare capital doing nothing, so it seems to make sense to buy an apartment rather than pay out even more rent for a small apartment for her.
After much looking, we finally found a tiny apartment being sold in a building that dates from 1890. The building is being fully renovated and converted from a bakery with shop and offices, to 6 top end apartments. Ours is the smallest at just 32 m2. 36 if we count the gallery that is not yet built and the tiny shower room chiseled out of the lobby next to the lift.
Today we signed the contract. The property is being renovated by a company,and so the contract is much more complicated than if it was from a private person. We had to meet twice with the selling agent in advance to ensure we understood everything in it, as well as have it 14 days in advance of signing. The Lawyer was obliged under German law to read it all through before we sign it.
It was lucky we had read it for he read through at a very high pace. I don´t know how he could keep up the pace, it was if he was skating over the words. There were 18 sides of A4 to read, all quite technical. We followed along as best we could with our printed copies. Finally it was through,and he asked if we had any questions. He also had to do something extra to cover the possibility that my husband and I might divorce in the future, and because we were married under British law and not German, he had to create a mini marriage contract for German assets. He asked me how much we had here, as his bill is based on the size of the assets. He was not going to check what I said, so I told him a small amount. And it is true. Here we do not have much money really – and the money for the apartment is still in transit.
Afterwards we drove to the apartment. Only my eldest and I had seen it before so the youngest and hubby needed to see it too.

the living area

the living area

It is being used as a storeroom it seems for building materials and piles of woods. We had to climb over piles of wood to get in, but hubby and daughter still liked it.
I was a bit disappointed however that they had already started on the shower annex. Now this shower annex is really tiny. a 1.4 metre long by 86 cm wide corridor tagged onto a space carved out of the lobby or about 1m square which leads to the living area. I had planned that the 1m sq bit, which actually is not a square at all, so even smaller, could house the sink and WC, whereas the long thin bit could be all shower. However in the long thin bit they had installed something which would be the loo and sink connections, so so much for all my plans. The shower will now greet you when you walk into the room and be a very odd shape. I think i will need imagination there. Clearly men were working on this one 😉
Anyway, tomorrow I visit another kitchen company to go over the kitchen plans, for this apartment does not come with a kitchen. I want to have an L-shape under one of the 2 windows. I told the seller, and that this means no radiator under that window, it needs to go elsewhere. “but the radiators always go under windows” he said. “why?” I asked. He replied that it was because that was the coldest spot. But when I asked why that was important, he could not tell me. Anyway, they are triple glazed windows and will have kitchen cupboards in front of them, how cold can they be?
I think I won that one 😉

so watch this space. I will be in my element designing this apartment, even if it is tiny, and I will be blogging our progess here.


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  1. I live in a relatively small one bedroom flat in London, and it’s amazing what can be done with small spaces to make them very liveable….I will be interested to see the progress..


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