Protecting Bee Populations worldwide.

funny, I just pledged to help try and save the bees this week, and along comes this post.

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I read another disturbing article yesterday about the decline in Bee populations.      In this case it was referring to the beautiful Pyrenees range of mountains in SW Europe which forms a natural border between France and Spain. 


People who have been looking after hives for many years in this area, are suddenly finding that all their bees have died or disappeared. 


Given that everything is interconnected, it is clear to see that our entire eco system worldwide is under enormous stress and responding to elements that we do and don’t understand.      The cold hard truth is that reports of the loss of Bee populations are coming in from around the world. 



Bees play an essential role in all of our lives.    

About 33% of the food we consume depends upon pollination. 



A world without bees would be a world without flowers, without…

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