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One of the things I have learnt about living in Germany, is that you cannot assume that a kitchen will be provided with a property. Okay, a space might be there, but often the actual kitchen is something you have to take care of yourself. 

The apartment I am buying is a case in point. No kitchen is included in the price or the budget. It is an extra, and it is really up to me where I put it I guess. This means I have the fun of planning it. 

My daughter and I visited a kitchen store near where we live. The designer is a woman, and the store was full of very smart kitchens. My budget was relatively modest, as the kitchen is of course going to be pretty small. She came up with a nice enough design I guess, and pitched it at a price, that was over budget, but still reasonable. However, it did not grab me. It seemed to be more about the look than my wishes. I was not convinced.

So I went to another kitchen place, where they came up with a slightly different design with the same price as the first store. The difference was that I felt listened to at the second place. The guy adapted the design to my wishes, and I just felt happier with it.

That said, nothing is decided yet. I have been playing with the Ikea on line kitchen design program.  Ikea is seen as less expensive, but actually they are coming in at maybe  10% less than the specialist shops when I add in fitting etc. Ikea do offer 25 year guarantee though, the second kitchen store only gave 2.

2 years!!! that cannot be right. 

So I am still looking. I want something stylish, and practical, while being as environmentally aware as I can be. Clearly kitchen cupboards contain MDF and glue, but I can go for a wood or stone work surface, and a nice slate floor.  I know what I want. Unfortunately my daughter does not agree with all I want. I fancied subway tiles for the splashback, but she hates subway tiles. How can anybody hate them? subway tiles
That is such a strong word. But okay, I can live without them. I also thought about a glass splashback, with a digital print. That could be cool, but of course my daughter is not keen on that either. She is super minimalist. 

This weekend there is an exhibition on nearby for all things to do with renovation jobs. So we will go along, and look at kitchens there, and floors, and walls, and bathrooms etc. I am really looking forward to it.
Funnily enough I just read an article this week on trends in Kitchens and find that all my ideas are there, even the subway tiles.
Also for example natural materials, glass splashbacks, copper and industrial elements. I found some super lamps the other day, perfect to hang over the low wall that will separate the kitchen from the living area. lampsNot sure I will mention them to my daughter, sometimes you just have to go with your instincts 😉


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