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Well the last week has been busy in our search for a kitchen. Saturday we went to the building exhibition, which was small to say the least. However there were 3 kitchen companies there. One was staffed by the scariest looking woman I have seen in a long time. Mutton dressed up as lamb is an expression that sprung to mind to be honest. Her make up was totally over the top, as was her hair. When we passed her stand she was slagging off the ” grifflös schiesse” which translates as handle-less “shit”that she saw a pure trend these days. We gave her a wide berth. The second stand was a bit too traditional, and so we settled on the 3rd. Nice kitchens, if a bit of a keen sales rep. My daughter was put off by him, but I liked the look of the kitchens. They were made by them and they had been in business 50 years. So this week I drove over to their showroom to take a look. It was an hours drive!!! hmm. Super showroom though, but nothing really different to what I had already seen before.

Our whole kitchen design has changed in any case. Did I mention we were thinking of building a gallery for the sleeping area? Well when I dropped by the apartment last week, I realized that this was not going to work. The builder showed me a picture of what he was envisaging. Now bear in mind my daughter was planning something stylish. She did not want it looking like a high bed. Plus she hates pine with a vengeance.

this is the picture:


that coupled with the fact he had never done a gallery before, and the room is “only” 3,45m high and 4m by 4m,  I decided that this was going to get too expensive to get what I wanted.

So change of plan. Now the sleeping area will be on the raised part of the flat where the kitchen was going to be. We will disguise this with my daughters Stolmen unit she already has, and incidentally loves. She would not have been able to use it in the apartment otherwise, so actually this is really good. And the kitchen will go on one of the walls down in the living area. So the kitchen just got smaller, but it is more fitting in relation to the size of the apartment. Up above, it was just going to be given too much space.

so today I went back to the first kitchen company, where the adviser has her own very strong opinions. She did a good job though coming up with a design we both like. A 3m run using the width and the height, all in gloss white, with handle-less cupboards above ;).

Okay, I could not persuade her to go with a narrow dishwasher as she reckoned it would ruin the line and look “schiesse”, but we can live with that. A dishwasher is not really needed for a single person. Clearly if we had insisted we would have got it, but I kind of agree that the design will look great when done. Pop over to my other blog here and you will see a picture of a tiled wall – that is where the kitchen will be – although not with those tiles -obviously :).

Mind you, the seller does not want to remove the tiles, so I am not sure what is going over the top. I will have to quiz him on that just a bit more next week.

So now we have a signed contract for a kitchen, complete with an electric plan that I can give to the builder. This weekend I will compete the rest of the electric plan – my interior design diploma training is coming in handy with that.

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