Planning the bathroom

Planning the bathroom

So now the kitchen is sorted, it is time to plan the space we refer to as the bathroom, but really is just big enough for a shower, sink and toilet. The part where the sink and toilet will be is just 95cm wide and around 2 metres in length. The shower will go in an add on bit and will be around 80cm deep and 1m wide, with a triangular space to the wall behind, 50cm at the widest point.
As the rest of the flat is going to be mainly white, I am thinking I really want to create a wow factor in this bathing space, something that surprises you when you walk in.
The builder / seller has already said that he does not want to do mosaic or tile pictures, so that rules that out. A back lit picture of a waterfall could look amazing, but would be expensive to do, otherwise some beautiful tiles around the shower area, perhaps with a wave going on like in the picture above. The shower is the first thing you will see when you enter the space and so it should be interesting. I fancy a walk in shower there, with a glass panel around 1 metre across, and the remaining 50cm free to walk in. A bit like this, which actually is a very clever design where the glass panel slots into part of the shower tray. How clever is that? Unfortunately too big for my space.


Hubby reckons there will be water everywhere, but I do not agree. I love this look and have often had it in hotels without water everywhere. This picture also includes a floor that looks like wood. This is also in my plan as the rest of the flat is oak parkett. Nowadays there are ceramic tiles that look like wood, and so that is something I am thinking of including in this space to make it look like it carries on from the apartment.
For the part with the sink and loo, I am thinking about a mirror along the length of one wall, ( the wall with no sink on it) halfway up with wallpaper, panelling or painted wall above and below it. This will add light and give a feeling of space. There are some amazing mirrors around these days with lights, clocks and even music built in. If I want one of those however, I need to think about the electrics again, plus of course remember that I will not be even living there, so maybe I should not get too carried away.

So this weekend I will be visiting bathroom stores to look at fittings and tiles. Hope we can find something.

Anybody any experience of walk in showers? Just one panel, no door, do you get water everywhere?



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  1. I have a walk in shower but it sounds bigger than your space. It’s curved like a corner bath an the doors come from left and right to the centre. I have noticed after a few years the seals have started to come lose and curved glass is no good for cleaning with a glass wiper. Other than that I like it.


    • sounds cool, and in effect it has doors, so not quite what I am thinking, but thanks for commenting. Seals are always a hassle I find, whatever the shape


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