the rescuer

I had a mail from a friend yesterday He was writing of his plans over the Easter weekend, what he and his partner would be doing. He mentioned that the sister of his partner, and her husband would be visiting on Monday. They are talking about splitting up. He wrote that this would give them lots to discuss and to try and rescue.

I had to ask why? Why does he think he needs to rescue this marriage? Surely this couple have already tried to rescue their own marriage; they have talked, they have discussed, they have argued, they have cried, and somewhere they have reached the decision that it is not going to work and now they should seperate. I cannot imagine that they want to spend Easter Monday having to drag it all up, to justify their decision.

Maybe I am wrong. I have not been in that situation, but I do not think I would presume to try and persuade someone, even my own brother or sister to try again if they had decided to seperate. 

So what do you think? Can a marriage be rescued through well meaning intervention? If you are divorced, would you have liked for somebody to have tried to rescue your marriage? Did somebody try, and did they succeed?




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