Flourishing in April

ImageI am a bit late with this months post. I had mislaid the magazine, but found it again when hunting for the YHA cards (which are still missing). Clearly I need a better filing system as part of my flourishing program :)Anyway, March was about emotional energy – recognising and dealing with situations that drain your emotional energy. I grasped the nettle and had to release a member of staff. She was a temp who was basically abusing my good nature and not doing her job properly. I kept giving her chances, but in the end it was making me too angry and it was totally frustrating for her co-worker who was picking up the pieces, so she had to go. I learnt from the situation to grasp the nettle earlier and not hope for things to improve when it clearly will not. I let another temp go as a result this month too. Getting good staff is hard.
April is about finding your purpose. Now this is even harder than the others I think. There are books written about finding your purpose. There are seminars on it. Personal coaches make their living from it. But here we go, finding your purpose summed up in one blog post.The purpose of a purpose as it were is that it is easier to overcome obstacles and be optimistic when one is committed to a set of values, cause or purpose.So first we need to identify our values and find our cause. Identifying the values shows what is important to us, and then we can see if we are living our values wach day – are we being true to what is important to us? It can be hard to stick to our values with everything going on, we can lose track of them unless they are ingrained in to our identity. But if we do not stick to them we will not be happy, even if we cannot identify straightaway that we are unhappy.

Finding our cause is similar. What cause or issue is important to us. If you had a magic wand what would we change in society? And then when we have identified the above, then we have the tools we need to form a mission statement, which I admit sounds very american, but will lead us to our purpose.

As every month I am off now to try and put this into practice and see where it will lead. I will let you know how I got on next month