my 30 day challenge

my 30 day challenge

it is a month before my brothers wedding and motivating myself to go to the gym has been getting more and more difficult, so I have decided to try and kickstart my fitness regime by doing my own personal 30 day challenge.
My goal is to trim the waist so I look stunning in my dress, and to grow my nails so they are a decent length by then.
It is not that I am particularly overweight, in fact I am not, but you know how it is. The waistline tends to vary from day to day, and a couple of kilos off would be just enough.
So I went on line and searched on 30 day challenges and found a website full of them. It is really cool, has lots of different challenges, with links to videos to show how to do the exercises properly.

So I picked the little black dress challenge which seems appropriate. Today is day 1, so I did the 10 press ups, 30 seconds plank ( which is harder than it sounds) and the mountain climbers, and for good measure I went to the gym too.

The good thing about this challenge is though, that I can do it at home, so have no excuse not to do it, plus it is totally free.

And now I am blogging it, I will have to do it 😉


8 thoughts on “my 30 day challenge

  1. I have decided to do this to get my self back

    Meditate Daily

    I will spend 20 minutes at the beginning or the end of the day meditating

    Too tired is not a valid reason not too


  2. Kind of like me with the 30 day shred. I don’t want to do it but I’m blogging so have to. I might dip in and out of yours too. Give a bit of variance and hopefully I can lose 4lb by the end of May. That’s my goal anyway


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