day 3

so today is day 3 of my challenge. On the challenge site is a little video of how to do each of the exercises needed. This is good, as I had no idea yesterday what a burpee is. I can now tell you it is pretty tough. I think i managed a mere 5 of those, so substituted the plank instead.  Last night was also my yoga class, so that helped as well. We did a lot of tummy work and more of those planks.

Today I had to look up squats and thrusts. The squats are something we do in yoga, so I could manage those, the bridge is also a yoga exercise,  but 20 bridges in one go is pushing it, so I have split todays challenge in 2, and will do the remaining thrusts and bridges tonight.

The scales tell me I have already lost nearly 2 kilos, but I do not believe them.