being a writer

It seems funny to me that my post with a link for writers thinking about working with small publishers, should get me the most new followers of any post. The new followers are all connected to the world of writing.

I do not think of myself as a writer really. I write my blog posts, but that is all. I did a facebook quiz and it told me that I should have been a writer, but these things do not make me a writer. I do not have the stamina to stick at a book and finish it, even assuming I could write something that other people want to read.

But I do enjoy to write. I enjoy getting my ideas on paper. It is a need within me, but not within all people.

So what does make a writer? Why do they do it, and how can we identify them?

Of course in this world of the internet, I could search on that very question, and get a lot of hits. (approx 331M to be precise). What I find is that the reason I write is common to many writers, and that actually I do not have to publish a book to be a writer. So perhaps I am a writer after all. And that is why we see people who bill themselves as writers and authors. They have gone that extra step – they have been published, and other people have seen enough value in what they have written to be prepared to pay to read it.

There was a survey recently on the very question of why writers write.  100 published authors were asked.

These are some of the reasons:

30% write to educate, influence or help others

15% write as a way to express themselves ( there is me in there)

13% write because they have this basic need within them to write  ( hey, me again)

5% write because it is therapeutic ( I know some bloggers like that)

only 2% write for fame and fortune

You can read the full survey by clicking on the pie chart, and if you like, you can share in the comments if you consider yourself to be a writer, and why you write?