Kontrast in Frankfurt

Kontrast in Frankfurt

I cannot believe that I have lived near Frankfurt for almost 4 years now and never been in this fantastic interiors store I finally entered today. Kontrast is a furniture and lighting store in an old warehouse building, and it is brimming with super designs and items. I thought I was in heaven. The lamps were fantastic, the furniture too. And some of it was even in my price range.
Unfortunately I did finally get there today only 7 minutes before the official closing time, but the car park was full, so I took a risk and went in. I managed to have a nice look round, as nobody was being asked to leave just because it was closing time.
It was fantastic – I think I might be repeating myself, but it was, really. Plus I saw a super chair for the apartment – a dining chair that will double as an extra chair in the sitting room. In a tiny apartment furniture has to do double duty.

I need to go back someday soon, when it is open for longer. I will make a day of design furniture stores, as there are a couple more in the City of Frankfurt I want to check out.

my idea of heaven 🙂

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