Mad about the dog

Mad about the dog

We were in Cornwall last week having a vacation before my brothers wedding. I noticed several things being back in the UK versus living in Germany. One was that the people was so friendly down there and helpful and willing to chat, it was lovely.

The second thing that struck me was the focus on the dog. There were not only dogs everywhere in the company of families and owners, but there were also signs everywhere.

dogs welcomeThe signs defined if dogs were allowed ( they always were), and what sort of dogs – like dry dogs, or well behaved dogs for example.

Badly behaved wet ones had to stay outside šŸ™‚

The signs also defined where the dog was permitted to go, for example in a neighbdogs2oring room.

At the beach there was a sign indicating which part of the beach the dog was allowed on, and at which times.


Here in Germany I never see signs about dogs. Maybe because dogs are just taken in bars and restaurants in the same way as children are, no questions asked.

Maybe the Brits just like signs, or maybe they especially love their dogs.