Flipboard – totally addictive

I found this great app today. Flipboard is like a magazine that you flip through different sections, and can tailor it to what interests you,  add your tumblir, FB or Twitter feed, save for later, share on Fb or google +, everything really. It brings in content from all over the web so it is a great way to discover new web sites too.
I love the layout, although some of the graphics take a while to load. It is a wee bit US focused but this seems typical of such apps to be honest. It does have a setting tab to allow regional settings so I have set to Germany, and need to test it out a bit more to see if I will get more local content. I think I will, but if I ask for the english language content, then it is more US and UK based, but I guess that is inevitable

The app is totally free, so does have some ads, but nothing particularly annoying, and no, I am not getting paid for blogging about it, I just think it is too much fun not to share.


Plus I learned how to take screenshots with my tablet today 🙂

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