Revenge is a dish best never served at all if I can paraphrase a bit.
Revenge is the reasons why we have wars and disputes carrying on through history. Old wounds never heal, but are revenged to create new wounds that need to be revenged.
Syria, Iraq, CAR, Turkey, Egypt, The Middle East, Lebanon, Libya, Ukraine,the list can go on and on. Today a 16 year old boy was killed in Jerusalem, as revenge for the 3 Israeli teenagers killed this week. The calls for revenge are being heard on both sides.
I read of a case of revenge here in Germany where a man who had raped a woman, was stabbed to death by her 17 year old brother, as an act of revenge.
Women are killed in honour killings to revenge an act like falling in love with the wrong man.
Acts of revenge big and small are carried out on a daily basis, but what do they achieve?
Nothing.They achieve absolutely nothing. Perhaps the person carrying out the act feels a moment of triumph, but it is built on hate and that feeling will not last. It cannot last without destroying the person.

Ghandi was a man who knew about revenge. Mandela was also such a man. They both had reasons to be vengeful, yet both turned their backs on such acts, for they were strong enough to see that it is the wrong way. It takes someone strong to walk away, to turn the other cheek, to forgive and move on.

There are not enough leaders today who are strong in the right way. There are too many people reacting in the heat of the moment, and thereby carrying on conflicts and pain, inflicting pain on more and more generations, for years to come.

The only way for things to change, are for people to stand up for what is right, to show forgiveness and compassion, to turn that other cheek.

The alternative has shown itself to be pointless.