so finally it is the weekend again, and there is no football to keep us up. The temperatures are soaring up to about 35 degrees – so what shall I do?

There is the normal boring stuff to do of course, like doing the home finances, and probably I should go out and get a tax CD and finally file my tax return. I can hope for a refund towards the apartment.

The apartment is coming along nicely. My grey shower tray that I paid extra for has turned out not to be as grey as I hoped, which is a disappointment, and the radiators have come in rather expensive, which is also a blow, but we are getting there. Actually if I ever buy an apartment that is being renovated again, i will ask to see the fixtures budget before I sign on the dotted line. I sort of assumed that as it is quite expensive, they would budget in decent quality fittings, but I was mistaken – standard all the way.

But maybe I will get to Kontrast tomorrow, and check out lamps again. I only had an hour in the place last time I visited, due to leaving it so late. I really need to choose some bathroom lights that are not going to cost me an arm and a leg. To be honest I do not think they do them, but it is a nice excuse to visit it anyway.

Then the floor is going in, the front door is on order, and hopefully the kitchen people have been in to measure – note to self, call kitchen company tomorrow. So at this rate, I think my daughter could be in at the beginning of October rather than the end, which will be super.

A young colleague of mine is also moving in September – to Mexico of all places. It is still with our company, and to be near her boyfriend who is in Venezuela. The electrical appliances in Mexico need only 110 volts, not 220 like here, so she is selling lots of things I could be interested in buying. That is happening at just the right moment.

Oh, and I should go to the gym this weekend, but not late in the day when it is really hot. Now that our company has moved into the city, and I am back into commuting by train, going to the gym has rather fallen by the wayside, as has yoga, as I cannot make my class anymore. I really need to do something.

So that is Saturday sorted. Sunday is a day of rest, so I reckon a day by the lake could be just the ticket when the sun is shining down.

what are your plans for the weekend?enjoy-your-weekend-037


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  1. Well I’m going to the Palmengarten on Monday (yes, this is my life now. I can go into the city on a Monday) and singing on Saturday. Do you want to my work-out with me? You’ll be done in half an hour and feel good about yourself for at least having moved^^ But you’ll need a second matt.


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