Antisemitism on rise across Europe ‘in worst times since the Nazis’

This has to be one of the most worrying articles I have read in a long time. I do not understand why any person can hate another person just on the basis of race, colour or religion. It makes no sense at all and gives me a glimpse of a part of the human condition I would rather not see.

We really have not progressed at all since the great wars. Today is worse than it has ever been, with conflicts all over the world, terrible slaughter of civilians, often on the basis of religion. God himself is nowhere to be seen – he either does not exist, does not care, or these really are the end times and this is all part of what has to happen and we all play it out like puppets, despite us having free will

it is time for those of us who care about people, regardless of their background, based on their humanity, to stand up and make our voices heard. Live and let live, because the way things are going right now is not an alternative at all