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i know, we ladies have masses of handbags, and shoes. But I am not like that really. I have a few rather worn handbags, and a few rather worn pairs of shoes. The handbags are becoming so worn, that I decided today that I would buy a new one.

Trouble was that I had no idea really what i wanted. My handbags tend to be a bit zany, like my Paul Boutique Barbie what a doll bag, which is huge as well, so I can never find anything in it. My handbag I had with me today is red, with some gold writing about being sexy and standing out in a crowd šŸ™‚ I had bought it with matching perfume in a weak and bored moment in a airport somewhere.

So I was thinking today that really I should buy a sensible bag, more befitting of my age and status in life. Maybe something in black, or brown. In the first department store I entered, there was a sale on, always good. I headed to the handbags – there were masses. How am I supposed to choose? There were bags and bags, in all sizes, colours and price ranges. The ones I really liked were out of my price range. The ones in my price range, did not really speak to me, sale price or no sale price. In fact there was an extra 20% discount on top of the sale price today, but still I could not decide.

So after quite a long time looking at bags, I left that store, and went to Accessorize. They do bags too, but they are rather zany, and I was trying to be sensible, and the sensible ones did not speak to me. So I left there, and tried several other stores nearby, all selling handbags, but none of them grabbing me.

A handbag has to meet so many criteria to make it the right bag. It has to be the right shape and size, the right colour, the right price. It has to have a sensible layout inside it, and be secure enough to keep sneaky fingers out.


Finally I went into another department store. They also had a sale on. They also had a lot of bags, but this time I was determined. I moved through the racks, picking up bags, trying them on my shoulder, checking if the zip worked, looking inside, putting them back. I must have spent at least an hour just in this last store alone. I found some I liked, but did not love. I would leave them where they were, thinking I could come back to them, but then when I wanted to, I had forgotten where they were. So then I started carrying the favourite of the moment around with me, hanging it on my shoulder to see how it worked. I went from black and shiny, to brown leather, to a messenger bag with fish on it, to an orange bag, or maybe a pink. No back to a black canvas, or maybe a brown one after all?????

It did not help that I had no idea of what I really wanted size wise or even material wise. On one side I wanted a bag small enough to find things, but then it had to be large enough to put a small umbrella in. I had wanted one for carrying documents in as well for business use, and finally I found it. It was orange, but the right size, and looked good, was a good price. Okay, maybe Orange was a bit bright, ah but look, a brown one, sort of, well it is quite a light brown, so might get dirty quickly, maybe they have black. Hey, what do you know, a few racks away from the orange and the brown was a black one. Perfect. I bought it.

Of course, the store put my new bag, into an even bigger plastic bag, and I had been trying to avoid plastic bags all day, but this plastic bag had the added benefit of taking my coat for by now, I was overheating quite a lot. Why is it that stores are always so warm.

So what I learned today was not to rely on memory for remembering where that bag which was quite nice is, and that buying a handbag is not as easy as men seem to think it is for us women.

I did read about another Barbie handbag which changes colour to match the outfit. It can do over 100 shades apparently. Now that would be something. Unfortunately it is aimed at 4-7 year olds, and if you see it you will see why. But if Barbie can do it, why not other handbag manufacturers?



2 thoughts on “Finding a handbag

  1. Interesting observation, I have needed another purse for a while just haven’t seen any that strikes me as being what I want. Of course, I am carrying a cloth shopping bag because of the books I am reading and everything under the sun. Maybe one of these day I will find wht I need.


    • exactly, it is always hard to find what one is looking for when actually looking. Yet when not looking, then there are loads of nice handbags around!


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