5 things I love

5 things I love about being home.

1. a clean house – I am surely not alone in this. It does not have to be spotless and pristine, in our house that would never happen, but clean and tidy is so much more relaxing. And today i came home to discover that my youngest daughter had cleaned the whole place – thank you darling.


2. Clean bedding – ah the smell and feel of clean bedding is wonderful. And I have just stripped and changed my bedding, so tonight will be bliss.


3. Some me time. In a family home it can be hard to get me time. But this week my husband is away on a hiking trip. There is just me and the girls. It seems so much quieter and more relaxed. Dare I suggest this is also like a holiday for me?

Saturday Morning

4. Friday evenings – end of the week, work over, and 2 full days stretching ahead of me when I can do things like sleeping, or reading, or go to the gym.
So many possibilities actually, 2 days are just not enough.

5. The view from our window. We are so lucky to have a big green space outside the window and trees all around. It is luxury. Okay the sound of creatures running through the floorboards above my head is not so great every evening, but I guess that is the downside of living in so much nature.



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