5 things I hate

5 Things that I am really not keen on at home:

1. doing the tax return – actually I have to file 2, one in Switzerland and one in Germany. The Swiss one I managed fairly early this year, but the Germany one!! but it got finished finally this week. Hurray.

2. doing the ironing. The washing machine is always busy in our house, but as modern science still has not managed to make clothes that do not need ironing, there is always a pile or 2 of ironing to be done. A few months ago though, after the girls complained once too often about it taking so long to get done, it was decreed that everyone can do their own in future. And so it is, and actually, ironing, like tax returns, is one of those jobs that does not take as long as i expect once I finally get round to it.

3. Paying bills: Mind you, who does enjoy paying bills? The money comes in, and then is out of the door again before you can really appreciate it. Currently even more bills are arriving with buying the apartment, so this is another job for tomorrow,

4. Cleaning the desk in the study – we have 2 desks. One for him and one for me. Mine is always a mess. I cannot understand why as I do tidy it every now and then, but all that paperwork just seems to land on my desk and never on my husbands 😦 And what was I saying in my last post about loving a tidy home?

5. Paperwork: I think I see enough paperwork at the office, so am really not keen to plough through it at home. It is not just the bills, which although bad, do have a process. It is the insurances, and charity letters, the cards to write, the gifts to send, the photos to sort, the filing to do. I think I need a secretary.


2 thoughts on “5 things I hate

  1. I despise ironing…while so many people find it relaxing. Totally taking advantage of my mother, visiting for three months, to dump all the ironing on her. Friends have asked if they can borrow her. She loves it – I didn’t inherit that gene! Amazing job on the desk clean-up.


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