Ich wünsch dir was

I heard this expression yesterday, for the first time in the over four years I have been living in Germany. A waitress said it to some departing guests ” Ich wünsche dir was”

It means literally: I wish you something.
I was sitting there thinking, but what is she wishing them? Is she too lazy to frame her wishes for them, or does she just wish them something wonderful, it does not matter what?

so I searched on the expression and found that while some people saw it as a mere throw away statement, others saw it as more positive, and some used it themselves in such a positive manner. They viewed it as wishing that person whatever they would wish themselves, along with good health and happiness until they meet again.

Now when you look at it like that, it is actually quite a wonderful few words that summarise up a world of wishes just for you.


So to all of you reading this: ich wünsche dir was………………… 🙂


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