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i started a subscription to the UK magazine Womens Health on my tablet. I thought it might encourage me in my health and fitness. However, to be honest, I am now seeing a pattern appearing in the cover stories, that is not exactly in line with what I thought I was signing up for:


Can you see what I mean? I know it is not the best size photo, but basically every cover is a slim young woman, wearing very little, and it is either about having a flat tummy, being slimmer, looking great naked, sex, or all four.

Now let us start with having a flat tummy. Is that really going to improve my health? I know that a pear or apple shape is not a good shape, even if it is what most women have, but for the health, apple shape is bad for the organs. Fine, no apples. But flat tummies are not natural once you get over a certain age, of that I am sure. Having children does not help, and then comes along the pre-menopause time when the weight gets harder to shift, and a flat tummy is a thing of dreams.

Okay, some days my tummy does look flat – if I have not eaten and i am lieing down 😉
Other days it has a bit of a curve going on, but I like that curve. It works with my other curves – my curves are feminine and healthy. And in my eyes, I look great naked – but you will have to take my word for that.

And I have no issues with sex either, but to be honest, I could buy Cosmo if I wanted to read about it all the time. Sure Sex is healthy, but so are lots of other things, and then there are all the things that are sabotaging our health without us realising it, and maybe need highlighting to us.

Everything in proportion. Some articles on healthy eating to lose weight, some to gain it perhaps. Real women with real bodies, with attainable goals at all ages. Sure some articles on the health benefits of Sex, but they do not need to be in every issue. There are so many health and fitness related topics that they could put in the magazine. Maybe I should send the editor a link to this blog. The magazine shows that a woman is the editor, but I am not convinced.

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  1. I am always astounded at how so many women’s magazines zero in our image issues. It is so healthy you love yourself the way you do. Are you quite sure you need a subscription?


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