being lazy

Have you ever noticed, that the less you do, then the less you feel like doing?
I had that sort of day today. Because I had yesterday off work, i got all those jobs done that I normally do on Saturday – like cleaning and buying groceries.
Now i do not like spending my Saturdays doing these things, and so I should have been happy to not have to today.
I was happy, but I also found that I did not know what to do instead.

I think I am normally so busy, that doing nothing is very difficult for me. I did do some laundry, and popped out to the store to look at ladders, and surfed the web a bit, but really I was just killing time.
I intended to go to the gym, but got distracted on the way, as i had to pick up some groceries after all, and then decided to go to the car wash and clean the car, so I never made it to the gym. I came home and cooked dinner for all and then opened a beer and my laptop.

So why do i feel guilty for not doing much today? I guess it is because days not at work for me are precious, and so I feel i should spend them wisely. I also have not been to the gym all week, and that is also not good. But then again, perhaps my body needed to rest today, to put my feet up and drink a beer.

My husband bought me a book once; How to be lazy. It is for those of us who cannot do nothing, who feel the day must be action packed. It did not really help me though.

so tomorrow I will get up early and go to the gym, and then ? Who knows? maybe nothing.