Frankfurt’s Skyscrapers: A Guide //vol #1

this is the city where I work, and I see these amazing buildings every day.



Frankfurt is ideal for walking … Probably no other city in Europe has as much enthusiasm for its skyscrapers. Concentrated in the downtown area, which was mostly destroyed during bombardments of World War II, “Mainhattan” is a visually exciting metropolis with a bright future. So… Meet Frankfurt’s tallest!!!


#1# Commerzbank Headquarters / Foster and Partners


It is the tallest building in Frankfurt, the tallest building in Germany and the second tallest building in the European Union.


The Commerzbank tower radically reinvents the skyscraper .


The building celebrates its rise above low-rise offices, making it not just a symbol of Frankfurt’s economy, but of Germany’s attempts to pioneer eco-architectural design.


“At fifty-three storeys, the Commerzbank is the world’s first ecological office tower and the tallest building in Europe […]


The plan of the building is triangular, comprising three ‘petals’ − the office floors − and a ‘stem’ formed by a…

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    • as i commented on the original post, there are a lot of more attractive cities. However, the architechture is impressive here, and there are some very nice parts.


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