For most of history, Anonymous was a woman.*

Hear hear.

Campari and Sofa

feminist-man_2684936bI don’t consider myself a feminist. I never have. I consider myself absolutely equal to any other human. There are people who are more intelligent than I am. Better sportsmen and women. Superior writers, artists, entrepreneurs, activists, aunts etc, etc. But none of them is more human than me. Of that I am, and always have been, absolutely sure.

So it pisses me off mightily when someone discriminates against me because of my sex or my colour. And before anyone gets up in arms about the colour statement, it pisses me off mightily when anyone is discriminated against because of their colour. It happens all the time, it is a complex and unconscionable thing and definitely has affected one race more than others. To those who may be thinking right now that I have no idea what I am talking about because I am white – you may well be…

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