neglected grassland

I discovered this bar, cafe, venue, whatever you would like to call it just the other day. It is hidden away down a passage in Frankfurt. It is like stepping back in time when you enter, with all red upholstery, brown wood and the smell of stale tabacco. But out the back is this little oasis in the city.

I am not sure if the name of the place neglected grassland refers to the slightly run down feeling, the overhanging greenery, the neglected pond, or because maybe it is a place to get grass. I do not know, we did not ask, but looking at the hippie type people there, rolling their tobacco, I would not altogether be surprised.

However, I liked it. It was quiet, and the staff was friendly. They sold bottle beers, chilled and refreshing, and on the blackboard was a variety of tasty sounding dishes like olives, and bread and hams and peppers. Here are some pictures, check out the link above for more info and pictures.

the garden in the evening sun

the garden in the evening sun

just chilling