being a poet

So yesterday evening I went to my first poetry slam with my daughter. We went to watch, not to participate. A poetry slam is a fun event where generally anybody can go up to the mike, and present or perform their own poem within a given time limit, which seems to vary between 3 and 5 mins.
Last night was a competition, although mainly in fun, and there were 3 German teams competing with volunteers from the audience giving the scores. The poems last night had mainly political, satirical or moral messages, but they were put across in an entertaining way. We were rolling in the aisles from laughter to some of the pieces. Hats off to them for writing such amazing poetry and remembering it all, plus being able to perform it with somebody else.
Before the Poetry slam, there was a talk in English from Mike McGee who is a prize winning poetry slammer from the US, who happened to be in town visiting his family. Lucky for us. He has been doing the poetry slam circuit for years now, and is very good at presenting his poems and using the mike. Here is a youtube clip to give you an idea.

Travelling to the office this morning inspired me to write a poetry slam inspired piece for here:
Not to be taken too seriously

On my bike heading for the train,
horrible day with too much rain.
The train is late, what a surprise,
But hey, only 10 minutes, so don´t complain.
My arm aches, I don´t know why
No time for the doctors, so don´t complain.
Steve in the lift, says his back hurts too,
No time for the docs, so don´t complain.
This is what success looks like:
A job, a home and rent to pay,
Means got to keep going every day.
Work is all we need each day.
Get to the office, turn on the PC
100 emails are waiting for me.
This is what success looks like:
Got to answer them all by the end of the day.
My crazy colleague is making jokes,
His way of getting through the day.
Lunch in the canteen is losing its pull,
Heading now into the afternoon lull.
Could be sitting at home on the couch,
But hey, I am not a slouch.
This is what we tell our kids
Study hard, and get a good job.
Only then will you be a success,
With a job, a home and rent to pay.
And going to work every day.
Means we can really love weekends and holiday.

What a life, who would want to stop?
Look at the folks with no paid work,
Who sit at home, and watch TV, take walks in the park, or cruise the net.
Maybe they play sport, or go on trips, spend time with the kids, or prepare lunch to eat.
Perhaps they paint, or write all day, how can these things pay the bills?
They can get up late and take their time, or help the neighbours up the street.
They do not know what it is like, to sit in an office morning to night.
They do not have to answer the mails, or field the calls, or placate the boss.
They do not know what success looks like.