Being a groupie

I am probably too old to be a groupie, but I did have the pleasure of meeting a guy from the band Yokko this week, and I even slept under his roof.

I had decided to try out Airbnb and save my company some hotel bills on my latest trip down to Bern in Switzerland. I picked the apartment to stay based solely on the location, within a short walk of the office here in Bern. Ironically enough the apartment backed on to the hotel I generally stay in, which although okay, is really overpriced for what it is.
So I got to stay in a nice big apartment with state of the art media, like big TV, and a great sound system. My host when not working in a bank, plays electric guitar for the group Yokko. Check out the video below, he is the good looking one on the right as you look at the band. He is such a nice guy, with a lovely girlfriend, perfect english and great manners.
Airbnb turned out to be a great hit for my first try out. I really must try it again. Who knows who I might end up sleeping under the roof of 🙂


4 thoughts on “Being a groupie

  1. I love travelling with Air bnb (or homeway before there was airbnb). It makes for such a warmer experience. As a matter of fact, going to London next week and staying in a lovely house, with the owners just above me!


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