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I mentioned in a previous post, that once my daughter moves out, we might move too. My rent is way too high, and although I love where we live, it is over my budget now.
So we either move or let out the spare room.

It is really difficult to find a new apartment here, even though there are lots around and many rent.
The problems are though that nearly all apartments are immediately available, but I need to give 3 months notice where I am, and of course to get organised. So I need an apartment where the moving date is at least 2 months into the future, to give me time to sort out, chuck out, pack and move and renovate the place we are in now.
Then there are the cats. Landlords do not want pets in a lot of cases. If they are allowed it means we need an apartment not too close to a main road, with easy feline access to the garden, so that narrows it down.
Then there is location. Not under the flight path to the airport for example, away from busy roads, but convenient for a tube or train station and no more than 20 minutes commute from work.
Plus I do not really want to pay agent fees. Here the tenant has to pay the letting agent – 2.38 times one months rent!
So no agents, 2 bedrooms, somewhere for hubby to put his computer, a garden for the cats, and a rent significantly less than I am paying now, all within 20 minutes of my office in the city without any planes going overhead

hmm, put like that I am seeing why it is so difficult.

to rentWe have seen a few places. One we liked, but did not get, probably because of the cats. The second we really liked, and the location was great, but the agent fees as well as the date it was free from meant it would have taken me several months to recover the extra expense as we would have had 2 apartments for a while as well.
Another I saw was right in the city, with bars and life around, but way too small, so I did not even try.

Last Sunday we saw another, 2 beds, cats allowed, garden at the back, and much cheaper than where we are now. Only problem is that the commute is as long as my current commute, there is a main road close by, and nothing much to do nearby. No agent though, but still it is not the right one.

Then I found another on the internet. Very cheap, move in mid March, with garden, and about 10 minutes from the office. NO agent commission but also No photos, which was suspicious. So I took a walk round during the week – it was very close, just a walk to the end of the street from the office, up the stairs, over the railway line, along a bit and turn left. Unfortunately though my suspicions were proved right when I got to the turn left bit. There was a run down supermarket on the corner, with graffiti on the outside, and rubbish piled up next to it. The house was on an estate – one of those estates where nothing has been done since it was built 50 years ago. The streets were relatively quiet, and there were trees, but the properties were totally depressing. I found the house, with bars on the windows and an upturned sofa on the tiny terrace, and knew why it was so cheap.

So back to the drawing board, we will keep looking, or maybe we will just stay here after all and go with the paying guest idea. Something will turn up, it always does.

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