Gift ideas for the desperate

I happened to follow a link to the website today – that is the one in the US, not over here in Europe. I was following a link for this:

george bush toilet brush

Only in America, as they say. I cannot believe you guys have toilet brushes based on former heads of state. Mind you at $24 it is quite pricey, but probably worth every cent.

Not only was there this amazing gift idea, but underneath various other delights suggested; for example: Obama toilet paper, or maybe Mitt Romney is more to your taste, although for some reason a roll of his paper cost a fair bit more than Obama’s.

You could have a totally politically themed toilet room.

In the UK or here in Germany I don’t think I will find a Cameron toilet brush, or one of Merkel. In fact I checked, and the nearest I could find was a bargain priced Bob the bog brush at a mere £6.95. I guess cos he is not famous:


no presidential toilet paper on amazon Uk, but some pretty cool crap jokes paper, or €200 notes to wipe your bottom with if you are desperate.

So moving away from the toilet area, and back on Amazon US, How about this as the ideal gift?


Yes, the Hilary Nutcracker, at just $18.95 plus postage, and if you order now it will be there in time for Christmas. Amazing, I really wish we could get such novelties over here  ; )

In fact is really a feast for gifts for those who have everything.

How about the “pull my finger farting santa” a mere $14.95 – every home should have one

or this one is amazing


Of course, that is what is missing from my handbag. I have included a link under the picture just so you can go and read the reviews if you like, one guy claimed that they have saved his life on many occasions, and they even revived his grandmother. One of the best Amazon reviews I have read in a long time 🙂

If you are tempted however, they are apparently tiny, and almost see through, so only use in a real emergency.

But do not despair, Amazon suggestions soon led me to a pair of oversize bloomers for those with bigger bottoms.

It really is the “everything store”.

I may have to clear my cookies after writing this post, as of course novelty gifts will follow me around every site i visit now. But for now, Amazon is helpfully suggesting I might like to check out the following item: Corkscrew Bill

corkscrew bill

This would be perfect with the nutcracker Hilary if it was not for the fact that it costs almost $200!!! How can that be?

Okay, so that is a gift idea for the desperate but loaded.

so now, I wish you all much luck with your christmas gift ideas -i am off to delete my cookies.