feel the fear

feel the fearThese are words I have always tried to live by. I cannot say I have ever done anything really scary however. I have not faced down robbers or lions, nor parachuted from a plane, scaled a mountain, or walked a tightrope.

I get scared when my husband drives too carelessly, or on a big dipper. I have felt the fear, and while I will still get in the car when my husband is driving, I no longer go on the big dipper.

But I think this is not what the saying is about. The saying is telling us not to let our lives be ruled by fear, as then we will never go out of our comfort zone. In fact our comfort zone will get pretty small and boring.

Right now I am probably feeling a little bit of fear, or maybe it is sadness.

We have told our landlord that we are looking to move, there are various reasons why, all of which make sense. But it is also sad. He is sorry we are going, his wife is sorry we are going. The neighbours are sorry we are going, and I will really miss this house and all who live here. And this is before we have even found another place to live.

Voicing something makes it more real. As they say, thought, word, deed. it is only a matter of time.

Moving is stressful, it is hard work, it means leaving behind what we know and love, and going to something new. New can be exciting, but the excitement can also be tinged with apprehension.

So yes I am sad, but am I afraid? No, I am not. No place is forever, and this was never going to be. I have felt the fear, and decided it is not fear at all. It is just that natural feeling when we do something new.


4 thoughts on “feel the fear

  1. Great post, Sue! The part about voicing something .. sometimes it does feel like you’ve crossed the barrier, stepped up to the challenge once you’ve voiced it. Like the decision is finally made and you can now move over to working out the details. Hope you do find a nice place soon!

    For now, merry Christmas and happy holidays!

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  2. well I am working on the 29th and 30th. Do you want to drop by or we can meet after work on Monday. I might be trying a yoga class on the 30th. Emphasis on the “might” 😉


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