Same procedure as last year

Dinner for one is a classic short film played here, and in Germany and Austria, every year at this time. This year is the 90th anniversary of it.  It is in English and set in a rich house with a butler and a Lady. Every year the Lady has a party for her best friends, all of whom are long dead, so every year the butler has to play the part of each of the friends, which entails drinking a lot of alcohol.

The Same procedure as last year is a line from the film, and also a classic line here in Germany at this time. Everyone watches it here, and they all assumed that as English people we would know it, but that is the thing: It is a pure German invention 🙂

So this year we actually watched Dinner for one for the first time in over 20 years of hearing about it. My Husband bought it on DVD, and it turns out to be around 12 minutes long and available on youtube in any case. But still, at least we now know what everybody is talking about when they speak of the Same procedure as last year.

And in the spirit of the same procedure as last year, we went to the local restaurant again for New Years eve last night, with the friends we had made when we first went there 3 years ago. There were less people this year, around 40, but the dinner was very good, and not the same as last year. The DJ played the same as last year however, but this is what people love. It was all the Schlager hits over here. Schlager is a special form of music that is very popular over here, and we would liken it to folk music, only it is a lot more main stream. Typical schlager tracks are either sweet, highly sentimental ballads with a simple, catchy melody or light pop tunes. Lyrics typically center on love, relationships and feelings.

The guests last night all knew the songs, and they are very easy listening. It did feel a very German evening however, but we enjoyed it, same procedure as last year, same procedure as every year 🙂

There are lots of Schlager singers here, but Helene Fischer is one of the best known and mainstream. Interestingly she was born in Russia, and moved to Germany when she was 4 years of age. Her paternal grandparents were Volga Germans who had been deported to Siberia in 1941 during the second world war.

Below is Helene Fischer singing Atemlos durch die Nacht. (Breathless through the night). Enjoy.