On track

every-journey-begins-with-a-single-step-1024x1024Remember my three goals that I blogged about? Well I am on track. Number 1 was to improve my written German, and tonight I signed up for a six Month online course with the Goethe institute aimed at my level and business writing – so watch this space.

Then last night I finally made it to that yoga class near the office. It was billed as a beginners class, but it was tough. The teacher admitted it was tougher than normal. I really felt it. I mean – sideways plank as a beginner?? no way. Today I ache, but not as much as I thought I might, and I will go again, I need to.

I also weighed myself, and was not happy with the result. So now I am aiming to shift a few kilos. I have stopped eating dinners in the evening, and will just have my lunch in the canteen and something small in the evening.

And on the subject of yoga, I made my little sanctuary in the spare room, which is where I am sleeping at present, as husband has the flu and is coughing lots. I will have to post a photo sometime. I just put in a scented candle, and a 52 page meditation calendar that a friend sent me for Christmas – how did she know 🙂

The first meditation is about walking purposefully, as in thinking about the steps, and how the foot touches the ground etc. As there are 52 meditations the idea is to practice one all week. I must admit I did not do much of it today, but I did a step or two.

Other news is that we got offered a new apartment. It is close to the office, in the way that a 10 minute bike ride then a 4 minute train trip is closer than now. We went to see the apartment in December, and to be honest I was pretty sure we were not going to get it, as we heard very little since then. I was convinced that they were offering it to somebody else, and keeping us on the back burner.

As it is, they are not offering the apartment we looked at, which would have cut my monthly rent by a third (goal number 2). Apparently that is not available anymore. So maybe they did give it to someone else. Instead they offered us the roof apartment which is on two levels, at a slight discount. It is a bigger apartment with higher quality fittings, and of course higher rent. Even with the discount it is more than I pay now. Plus the cats would have to master a cat ladder to get in and out of the apartment.

So I said, thanks, but no thanks, and so we keep looking. But the journey has begun. Maybe this will be a good year.