Being on a bandwagon

Is it just me that thinks this way, or is it that way too many people are jumping on way too many bandwagons without thinking ahead?

bandwagon1-300x300Here in Germany we have Pergida staging protest marches every week. Apparently Pergida stands for (Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the West). They are anti foreigner and anti government, complaining about everything from how much they have to pay for a television licence to how much the government spends on supporting immigrants to the Islamisation of distant and not so distant countries. The most protests are paradoxically in places with the least number of foreigners.  Thankfully there are larger number of people protesting against Pergida, and the Government is also against them, proclaiming that Germany will always be open to refugees.

With Germanys past, Pergida is a worrying development. The leader Lutz Bachmann had to resign from the party recently, for posing as Hitler on Facebook and making racist comments. Hitler was a nasty little man, Herr Bachmann is no better. Yet thousands of people have jumped on the bandwagon of Pergida and are rolling it along. Reporters have tried to interview those protesting to see what they are protesting about really, but most do not want to be interviewed, and those who are seem confused and believe the propaganda they have heard without having checked if it is true.

The Muslim is the scapegoat, just as before the Jew was the scapegoat. But wait, the Jew is still a scapegoat. Jews are still being persecuted just because they are Jewish. Where is the sense in that?

A good friend of mine mentioned to me that the Jews own all the property in a certain part of Frankfurt. I need to quiz him again on what he is trying to say with this. Those Jews are Germans, who happen to follow the Jewish faith. I guess the rest are either Germans who follow the Christian faith, or Germans who follow Islam, or Germans who do not believe in any God whatsoever. First and foremost I think he will find that that Germans own most of the property in Frankfurt. What their Faith is is of no importance.

Jews are being persecuted in all countries in Europe now, and in part that is because some followers of Islam are trying to push the blame for all our woes on to them. I do not think the followers of Pergida however care about the Jews. They care only about themselves.

Christians are being persecuted in some countries of the Middle East and Africa. They are being persecuted and killed by fanatical followers of Islam.

However, just because there are fanatics,  as in every religion, does not mean that we should jump on the bandwagon of condemning all Muslims.

The killing of the cartoonists in Paris was a terrible act. All just people in the world are against the killings. However, not all just people have jumped on the bandwagon named Je suis Charlie. The cartoons they drew were apparently often offensive, and by jumping on that bandwagon we are condoning those cartoons. It is so easy to hashtag Je suis Charlie around the world, but it does not stop what is happening.

It does not stop Boko Haram from killing and kidnapping in their perverted and twisted fight to conquer the world, and to bring their form of Islam to all whether we want it or not.

It does not stop Jewish children having to be guarded at schools in Paris and London to protect them.

It does not help the boatloads of refugees fleeing from Africa, or the refugees from Syria.

It does not help those living in poverty and struggling all around the world.

The only way we, as just people of the world, can stop all these bandwagons in their tracks, is to stand together, and to stand up for all people who need help, and to protest against injustice wherever it occurs, whatever the race or religion of the person who is suffering.

all the sameWe are all human beings, and all related to each other. Through an accident of birth I am white and middle class. I could have just as easily been black and living in a township somewhere. I have never understood race prejudice, or prejudice based on Faith. I do not believe that I have never understood it because I am shallow in my own faith, or not patriotic enough, although maybe that helps. I believe I have never understood it because it is so alien to my thinking, and so at odds with love and fairness. I guess it shows me what my true values are.

Love is something fundamental to us all. It what makes us human.

Apparently there is a golden rule, which I stumbled across when researching for this post. You can check it out on wikipedia.

All Faiths, ancient and modern have this golden rule, why do so many not want to live by it?

Qur’an 4:36
AND WORSHIP God [alone], and do not ascribe divinity, in any way, to aught beside Him. 46 And do good unto your parents, and near of kin, and unto orphans, and the needy, and the neighbour from among your own people, and the neighbour who is a stranger, 47 and the friend by your side, and the wayfarer, and those whom you rightfully possess. 48 Verily, God does not love any of those who, full of self-conceit, act in a boastful manner;

You shall neither take revenge from nor bear a grudge against the members of your people; you shall love your neighbor as yourself. I am the Lord. Leviticus 19

Love your neighbor as yourself. Mark 12,31 – for Jesus was a Jew and quoted what he knew from Leviticus.

So  next time you reach for that like or share button, or click that hashtag, just think: does this increase love and understanding between people, will it make a difference? or is it just easy?