email crazy

so today somebody sent an email request to the wrong distribution list. The distribution this person sitting in France picked, seemed to have the whole of the company on it. We all got that mail. I ignored it, as it was not relevant for me.
But then that person got an answer asking for more information, and reply all was used, so we all got that mail too.
And then somebody mailed to asked to be taken off the distribution list, and presumably because they did not know who to ask, they used reply all for that too, and then lots of others started joining in.

The mails were flying from all over the world –

please remove me from this distribution list

me too!

and me

was nobody thinking? Then came the mails asking everybody not to reply to all, and then from others also asking people not to reply to all – but of course they were replying to all.

Finally the second in command to the CEO for the whole company sent a mail to all, telling people to stop replying to all, and then the head of IT in the UK, and the poor girl in France who had started it all, and then it stopped.

I did not hit reply all – I am not so stupid. I did learn one useful tip though from one person who hit reply all. He told us how to ignore an email and all subsequent emails that dealt with the same thread. ignore

so that is a useful tip for the future. It auto deletes the mails 🙂