hair lust

We were at a party last night – it was billed as an apres ski party, held at a local tennis club. There was not much snow, but there were a fair few people turned up, all dressed in ski jackets, and hats and gloves etc. There was mulled wine and hot chocolate with rum, or tasty vegetable stew with extra sausage for the carnivores.

The music was what you would expect at a ski hut party, lots of German Schlager – see my same procedure as last year  post for more on that 🙂

Everyone was in high spirits and there was lots of dancing.

We only knew 2 people at this party, the two who had invited us. However there was one lady there, pretty and blonde with the most fantastic haircut. I could not stop looking at it. She was blonde, but not naturally so. The style was heavily layered so you could see the dark roots of the hair under the blonde. The contrast highlighted the structure of the cut. In one colour it would not have worked nearly as well.

it was a bit like this:

hair 1in that the fringe at the front went off to one side, but you could see more of the dark roots underneath.

so also a bit like this:

hair2see how you need the contrast to really show the cut.

neither of the pictures really do the cut justice, but they give an idea. I was so taken with it, I went up the lady and told her how lovely her hair looked and asked her where she had it done. I have never done that before. She told me only the part of town, and I did not ask for the name of the hair salon, maybe I should have done.

For me, I could not go that blonde, and I have been growing out my layers for a while now. I am going with a asymmetric cut but long at the front. Now I am wondering about going shorter again and layered through, but with red as the contrast instead of blonde. That could look really good, or maybe I will do for something like this one for the spring, it is super striking, but maybe I will not go quite as short. Some sort of combination of all 3, that is a nice challenge for my hairdresser.