I am counting down to moving now. We had the removal companies round to give us some quotes, and now we have to face the task of packing everything up in boxes for the big day.

When we moved up here to Germany, my company paid for the move, which included a team of packers. We did not have to do very much. This was lucky, as I was already in Germany and we had a lot of stuff. The downside was that nothing really got sorted out, it all came with us.

That move cost a fortune, I saw the bill! Ours will cost about 10% of what my company paid to move us up here. Can you believe that? 10%, 15% max of what they paid, and I cannot believe that is just cos we are doing our own packing.

Anyway, I have to make a start, as more than likely I will go back to Switzerland about a month before the move really happens. This time I do not want to take everything back with us. Now, I want to take the opportunity to declutter. So with this in mind, I have been trying to think how to get rid of some things, and maybe get a few euros in return.  I do not like to just chuck things that have used resources to make, and maybe somebody can use.  There is Ebay for example, but to be honest, that involves finding packing materials, calculating and charging the right postage, and generally a lot of hassle.

I could try a trip to the local flea market. Flea markets are incredibly popular here. People flock to them and you have to get up very early to get a good pitch. Then there is the hours in the cold, and the bargaining with people who want to pay next to nothing for everything – my time is too precious for that.

Today I checked out a local store near us. It is a concept that is springing up. Basically you rent a space in the store, and they sell the goods for you. It They charge €20 per week for a complete shelf unit which is about 5 shelves each 80 cm wide, or €10 for narrow unit half the width, or €5 for one 80cm shelf. As it is doing so well, they have expanded out the back, which is unheated but dry. There is it half price. So what have I got to lose?

so today i signed up for 4 weeks for the price of 3, in the half price area. They take 20% commission, but even so, I do not have to sell much to cover my costs.

My husband was a bit surprised when I said I had already signed up. “what will we sell? ” he asked. But I know what – I have a long list. And this afternoon I have been pricing stuff with the labels they gave me, ready to start filling my space from next Saturday.

here is the pile so far, mainly books, in German or English, soft toys, some ornaments, pictures, dvd´s and VHS box sets. Then there will be games, and more dvd´s, a dolls house, a VHS player, maybe even a top box for the car – it is never ending really. And now we have the stickers, we are just throwing everything in, because the space is paid for, I might as well fill it 🙂


if it does not sell, we do have some charity shops over here, but they are not as plentiful as in the UK for example, but we will see. One step at a time, just like getting rid of stuff – a little bit everyday will be a lot less overwhelming than doing it all at once, plus I am motivated at present. I really do want to have less stuff, less stuff to store, to dust, to move.