5 things

Although I am very happy to be going back to Switzerland, there are lots of things I will miss about Germany.

here are my top 5, in no particular order of importance:

Kitty by pond

1. Living where I live – I love my house and the spot we live in. it is a secret spot in the town surrounded by nature. The cats love it too. Everyday when I return here after being at the office, I feel renewed to be back. it is the perfect place to relax.

party time

2. Our neighbours.

part of loving where I live is because we have such great neighbours. They have welcomed us and accepted us and we do lots of things together. Mainly it involves food and wine, but that is all part of enjoying life.

Tomorrow we are celebrating a birthday here at the Hof, and we will for sure throw a party to say goodbye.

I will for sure take back the open house and spontaneous party idea to Switzerland with us. Brunch anybody?

3. Late night shopping:

being able to pop out to get groceries until 8pm or even 10pm is just luxury after living in Switzerland. I will really miss this, even though I do not do it so often.

But it is nice when I can – like tonight when I had a chocolate craving at 8:30 pm. No problem ; )

4. Eating out at a reasonable price is also something we have enjoyed here in Germany. In Switzerland eating out is much more expensive. It is expensive for all the right reasons – like the staff get a better rate of pay and the food is better quality, but even so, I have got used to the prices here, not just for eating out, but also for eating in, as food costs a whole lot less too.

5. Friends: last but not least, I will miss all the friends I have made here in Germany, particularly if they are German. We have met some super people and had some great times. They know who they are. One good thing about being only 4 hours down the road when we move, is that in theory it should be easy to come back and visit. Keeping friendships going with distance is always a challenge, but one I am used to. I know there are some I will for sure want to see again 🙂