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_82079746_crossI was reading an article on the BBC this morning, about the relevance or otherwise of Easter in the UK. It seems that many people do not even realise that it is a Christian festival.

It makes me wonder how long we will associate public holidays with religion. Christmas, Easter, Ascension day – Christians understand what these words mean, but many enjoy the days off without necessarily understanding what it is about. When we look at Islamic nations, or Israel, we can see that their religious celebrations and days are much more relevant to a much larger part of their populations.  They honour these days, cleaning their houses, preparing special food, observing the day in their places of worship and with their families.

I think it is important that even if many People struggle to believe in God, or the Christian God, these days and turn away from the Church, they should still know what the festivals are for from a cultural viewpoint. It is part of our heritage and people should, in my view, know about it and acknowledge it.

In the UK it seems that commerce has taken over Christmas and Easter totally. It is all about the gifts, and starting the Sales already on Boxing day is to me the biggest indication of all of how commercial it has all become. Every Sunday, the day of rest, has become just like any other day with all the shops open as usual.

At least here in Germany and the continent we are not quite as commercial. The shops do not open on Sundays more than 4 times in the year, and the 26th December as well as Easter Monday are days when nothing is open either. Ascension day is a day off on the actual day and not the nearest Monday, and everything is closed. I am not saying however that people are any more religious in these countries, but maybe they have a bit more idea why we are getting the day off than many in the Uk it seems.

I think we will see within the next 50 years or so, the un-linking of religious significance to public holidays in the Uk, and probably in some other countries too. They will just be Public holidays, to enjoy how you will, with no other meaning except in some old peoples minds. What do you think?

Have a peaceful Easter Sunday.

the link to the BBC article is here

7 thoughts on “Easter thoughts

  1. I have become aware that the days when everything is shut are very hard for people who live alone and even more so if they have no car.Taxis charge double the rate,so it means they are cut off.If they have no familt it’s even harder for them as on days like today their friends will have children visiting or staying for he weekend.
    Most people don’t go to church asnd so they forget what any of theses days signify.So you are right about the future,I think


    • Hi Katherine, thanks for commenting. I can see that holidays where families get together could be very lonely for some people who are alone. I guess they can plan for it though. Or are you suggesting we drop public holidays all together? now there is an idea. And instead we could have a 3 day weekend once per month. I could vote for that.

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      • We always used to go away at Easter but now we can’t but our situation can’t determine other people’s lives.I suppose that three day weekend would be nice but churchgoers would probably be angry.In the middle ages there were many more holy days as there are in Judaism it seems..as long as noone is offended I’d like it once a month.
        We all work too hard nowadays.:)

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  2. In Islamic countries there are Eids celebrated by people who consider themselves Muslims and observe the traditions while others only enjoy the days off resting or going on trips. For example there is a very important Eid called the Sacrifice or Offering Eid when Muslims have a sheep killed as a remembrance of the story of Abraham and his son but some dont. I simply enjoy the day off and dont care about the religious traditions.


    • So a lot like the christians in effect. Lamb is a popular dish at Easter. Even though you enjoy the day off and are not religious, i suspect you know the meaning of the festivity. That is my point, whether people understand why the day is a holiday.


    • you are right, it was. Christians high jacked it like all other festivals. I guess that does put a different perception on it. I think I am more and more liking my 3 day weekend once a month idea 😉


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